Yes we do love curry... in fact we love curry so much so - that when The Curry Stall was born back in 2011, all we wanted to do was to eat curry, ahem... we mean cook fresh, slow-cooked curries made with quality, authentic ingredients.

First of all we started to attend farmer's markets and small food festivals throughout our local area. People bloody loved it, so we took The Curry Stall to the next level and started to attend bigger festivals and events throughout the land.

Now we've boxed off the festival scene, knocking up chilled ready meals is the next stage to World Dopiaza (sorry we mean domination) - so here we are, pushing our wares on you and your family... but I guess that’s why you’re here right?

Now a little bit about our curries... We like to get spicy, but we know that this isn't to everyone's taste - so mild is mild and spicy is fairly spicy. We don't use artificial colours or preservatives and the environment is important and means a lot to us, so no nasty film on our pots.

Curry, Curry, Curry...


Cooked with locally sourced, free-range chicken and using spices from Bradford, which is the world capital of curry as everyone knows! When we say mild, we mean it, so if Korma or Tikka Masala is normally your thing, then this is the one for you.


Free-range chicken is at the heart of this little pot of wonder once again, but it is a step up in level of spice…. Don’t panic though! It won’t blow your head off and you can still taste the food behind the spice, it’s tasty with a bit of a kick around the Jalfrezi/Madras level.


Incredible lamb/mutton sourced from a Welsh butcher famed for their ethical approach with their own, small, sensitive abattoir. Happy animals produce tasty meat packed with flavour! A gently powerful Jalfrezi/Madras punch with a subtly sweet edge from the peas.


The first of our vegan offerings that has been known to surprise even the most ardent of carnivores! Packed with protein and dripping in a highly charged, thick & spicy sauce that delivers heat through the deep levels of flavour. Be prepared for a Jalfrezi/Madras standard taste sensation.

aloo mattar

Nothing but pure, unadulterated, vegan goodness to see here my friends. Beautifully firm potatoes slowly cooked in a thick masala sauce with virtually no heat – kids absolutely love it! As with our other vegan options, they also make great side dishes for those that like a bit of a Thali.


You haven’t tasted proper pilau rice until you’ve had our famous offering… We always get asked for the recipe at the events we attend! There are no horrific food colourings in our rice, just the good stuff. It has been described as a cross between cous cous and long grain.


I can make that at home I hear you say! Anyone can cook rice, you’re absolutely right, but can everyone make it with fluffy grains that are separate on the plate? Or do you even have the time to wait for it to cook? No need when you have this baby at your disposal.


We aim to directly source all of our ingredients wherever possible... our chicken is locally sourced & free range, whilst our lamb comes from the local Welsh butchers. Our spices are shipped in from Bradford and these give our dishes that really authentic Kashmiri flavour.

  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • Dairy, gluten and wheat free
  • Low in oil
  • Free range and ethically sourced meat
  • Authentic taste
  • Consistently high level of quality
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Vegan options

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The Curry Stall

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